Annual Report Highlights:


Our program prioritizes health and safety

 Our health and safety focus encompasses early detection, screening and preventive health education and assists children and families with obtaining a primary medical and dental home. Head Start and EEC requires that all children have an ongoing source of continuous medical and dental care. 


Our approach is holistic

We address the mental, emotional and physical health, including the dental, vision, hearing and nutritional needs of the child. Our health supervisor, onsite RN and registered dietitian work with community doctors, health services and parents to ensure optimal health. 


And we get real, tangible results

Through our program in 2018-19, 85% of our children completed their dental and comprehensive health exams, 400+ children completed their vision and hearing screenings, and 10 children received eyeglasses based on our exams.

Our annual report provides program highlights, demonstrates statistics of success in our classrooms, and describes the holistic approach we utilize to enable children to grow mentally, emotionally and physically while enrolled in our program.

Annual report 2018-19 (pdf)