To Parents and Families:

BCHS is working with our community, state and federal partners to make thoughtful decisions on how we can best play our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic has continued to progress throughout our community, so our programs will now be closed aligned with the public schools reopening May 4th.



 It is our goal to work with families and assist children to develop socially, cognitively, physically and emotionally while fostering a positive self-image and love for learning that will help them succeed in our program, in public school and later in life. 


Dedicated Educators

Our Teachers assess the progression of language and literacy, cognition and general knowledge, critical thinking, approaches toward learning, physical well-being and motor development along with social-emotional development of our children.


Our Approach

Berkshire County Head Start’s health and safety focus encompasses early detection, screening, preventive health education, and assisting children and families with obtaining a primary medical and dental home.


Enrollment Application (pdf)


staff highlights


Gloria Senecal

Gloria Senecal

Gloria Senecal

"I have been here at Johnson Head Start for 15 years as a bus monitor and a substitute in the classroom. I love my job and transporting the children. I love seeing the children grow and listening to the stories. I love the people I work with. Head Start has helped me be a stronger person with a purpose."


Dick Leja

Gloria Senecal

Gloria Senecal

I deeply value the privilege of working with a most dedicated group of professionals in the field who strive daily to promote the growth and development of the children and families that we serve. My thanks especially to the many parents who also work with us in the best interests of their children. Lastly, thanks to the child who patted me on the belly one time and told me, “You’re kinda full aren’t you.” Guess it was time to go on a diet."


Andrea Moreau

Gloria Senecal

Andrea Moreau

"What I enjoy the most about this position is working with children in their home where they are the most comfortable. Watching them learn and grow through the year alongside their parents and caregivers is a joy. I just can’t say enough about how I appreciate all of the parents inviting me into their homes, trusting me, and sharing their knowledge about their lives, their children, and their entire families. Every day is different and exciting. That’s why I love being a Home Visitor."